Did Brock Lesnar Botch The Main Event Of SummerSlam?

Wrestling By Louis Spencer JR |

This past weekend at SummerSlam, history was made as Roman Reigns defeated Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship, ending The Beast’s reign at 504 days. The finish came when Reigns pinned Lesnar after hitting him with his patented spear.

However, did the finish go down the way that it was supposed to?

According to a report from Ringside News, Lesnar’s shoulder was actually off of the mat when Reigns made the cover and was awarded the victory. You can see a freeze-frame of that below:

(Photo Courtesy of Ringside News)

It is unknown at this point if this was a botch, or if this was done on purpose to set up a rematch down the road. While it has been rumored that Lesnar and WWE officials met to discuss his future, nothing has been announced at this time.

You can see a clip from their match at SummerSlam below:

We will continue to monitor this story and provide any updates as they become available to us.

Editor’s Opinion:

This is interesting. I bet WWE didn’t even notice this, but now that it has been reported, perhaps the company will use this as a way to get Lesnar back into the title picture, should he sign a new deal with the company.

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